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With its unique BI architecture, our platform offers the right server for every BI solution and every BI project.
With its unique BI architecture, our platform offers the right server for every BI solution and every BI project.
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BI Expert thus strengthens sales activities in Scandinavia and in the academic sector
Kolbermoor/Goteborg, 18. May 2020: The German business intelligence and performance management specialist Cubeware has signed a cooperation agreement in the form of a network partnership with SciSpot, a Swedish consulting firm specializing in scientific applications in the university environment. Cubeware is thus expanding its range of business intelligence and performance management applications based on the Cubeware Solutions Platform to include scientific and university applications. The partnership enables SciSpot to offer its customers in Scandinavia an additional, up-to-date and highly functional Business Intelligence and Performance Management platform for database-independent applications with the Cubeware Solutions Platform.

Although SciSpot is recently established, people involved shares great experience in sales and implementation of scientific applications. With this experience, SciSpot extends the Cubeware Partner Ecosystem primarily within in the academic sector. However, this collaboration will also cover the scientific and business sectors as well as the entire range of possible applications at universities and research institutions.

With the Cubeware Solutions Platform, SciSpot can offer its customers a complete and customizable BI stack. It´s not only flexible in terms of the database technologies used, it´s also offering outstanding value for money. The Cubeware Solutions Platform provides both scientists and university administrators the possibility to run analyses and reporting for scientific requirements as well as budgeting for public- and third-party funding.

"With the Cubeware Solutions Platform in our portfolio, we are able to provide our customers in the academic environment increased support in business management issues. The platform concept and the associated high flexibility in application development is particularly important here. Not only the administration benefits from this, but also science and research - which saves money.” Says Sammy Nordqvist, founder and CEO of SciSpot.

Martin Lehofer, Partner Marketing Manager at Cubeware, adds:
"We are looking forward to working with SciSpot and the opportunity to strengthen our sales activities in Scandinavia. We also hope for a positive feedback to the academic market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and look forward to many joint projects".

About SciSpot
SciSpot specializes in supporting customers across all industry sectors that conduct research.
Our mission is to help our clients navigate a complex technology landscape and bring value across the entire customer chain, from IT to end-users.
We provide consultancy and training with software’s from the world’s top technology companies.
Moreover, we help you implement your technology strategy, buy the right software at the right price, and manage and optimize your software estate.
We take care of your software while you focus on your research.

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