Discover our high-end frontend for stationary and web-based work.
The mobile BI frontend for everyone on the go and all smartphone and tablet enthusiasts.
With its unique BI architecture, our platform offers the right server for every BI solution and every BI project.
With its unique BI architecture, our platform offers the right server for every BI solution and every BI project.
By default, we use the most powerful MOLAP database in the world as an analysis engine for our solutions.
We have the right database for every project - hybrid scenarios are also possible. That is our best-of-breed concept.
The powerful ETL tool in the CSP. Data Management Software in Perfection.


Use Cubeware products as powerful front ends for SAP Business Warehouse.
We offer three-months’ online access to the training environment for a selection of our courses.
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Detailed information about our company and Business Intelligence.



With our Cubeware Cockpit family, we can provide you with powerful business intelligence front ends that give your employees optimum support in their day-to-day work and which are tailored to meet a wide range of requirements.


Cubeware Cockpit enables you to satisfy your users’ requirements at all times – whether analysts, report designers, planners or information consumers.
From analysts and report designers to planners and information consumers. For your controlling, marketing departments, your sales, your IT, to your management.
Fast and direct access thanks to self-service BI.
Cockpit from Cubeware ensures optimal visualization of your data. With the Cubeware KPI dashboard you have your data in view at any time and with all devices.


  • A SINGLE front end for analysis, dashboarding, planning & reporting solutions
  • ​Interoperable creation of analysis & reporting for desktop, web-based, portal-based and mobile applications as well as print-oriented reporting
  • ​Ideally suited for self-service BI requirements in all departments
  • ​Full client, consumer, viewer: three types of licence for customised & cost-sensitive deployment
Integrated: Pull Down Information Silos And Establish Corporate-Wide Applications
Put an end to countless standalone solutions and inconsistent figures. The Cubeware Solutions Platform allows you to create a uniform view on your customers, products and markets with interactive and responsive applications – from data management to meaningful visualisations, attractive reports and guided planning workflows. Have department-specific BI solutions that are tailor-made for the queries of your specialist departments and which are easy to use – from standardised BI reports to comprehensive BI self-service functions.
Scalable & Affordable: Start Small, Think Big
Who knows exactly what tomorrow will bring? The Cubeware Solutions Platform allows you to respond flexibly to new challenges at all times. Work with a BI platform that you can expand, customise and optimise by yourself and which provides the framework for all BI processes in your company – with little maintenance and training effort, low total cost of ownership (TCO), fast implementation and the most flexible and fairest licensing model for small and medium-sized businesses on the market – including named and concurrent licences.
Easy To Use: Reduce Complexity And Create Added Value
Not every user is a BI expert. The Cubeware Solutions Platform provides the right front end for all types of user, saving your company money and making life easier for the IT department and expert users. Gain valid BI reports and analyses prepared according to your requirements and automated at precisely the right time and in the exact form you need to make quick and effective decisions. Or create your own ad hoc evaluations.


Being organised makes life easier, provides a necessary informational structure and positive brand recognition and also dispels fears about new things – especially in your reporting environment. Cubeware Cockpit allows you to create a standardised reporting environment exactly as required.
Report Creation: Design and dynamize your analytics, reports & dashboards
Cubeware Cockpit offers a wide range of options for creating customised and dynamic reports, analyses and dashboards:
  • Use so-called data views to easily merge different data from relational and multidimensional databases in your reports
  • ​Use drag & drop to intuitively arrange the layout of your reports
  • ​Select the right layout elements for your particular application from a range of options
  • ​Customise the layout components with borders, shading and colours according to your preferences and specifications
  • ​Synchronise layout components with practical filter functions
  • ​Use analytical formatting to ensure that critical values, defined threshold values and individual KPIs are always eye-catching
Report Distribution: Automate even complex reporting environments quickly and easily
Cubeware Cockpit offers a range of options for structuring your reporting environment to ensure that your analyses and reports reach your audience simply and quickly:
  • Inform other Cockpit users by e-mail about the availability of new reports. They can then access new reports direct via Cockpit provided they have the required access rights
  • ​You can use comprehensive, automatic export and distribution mechanisms for all other groups of recipient
  • ​Use a wizard to specify the reports you wish to distribute, the recipients as well as the means and time of dispatch. Systematic distribution is fully automated
  • ​Choose from a wide range of export formats such as Excel, PPT, CSV, XML, HTML, PDF as well as print output
  • ​Define different target groups in your company
  • ​Upload the reports direct to your company portal
  • ​Use iterations of various reports to supply your audience with targeted information without, at the same time, requiring any extra effort for the reporting process
  • ​Address all your recipient groups in according to their individual preferences:
  • Via automated export for daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • - Via ad hoc dispatch
  • - Via mobile access
  • - Via web-based access
  • - Via integration with your company portal


The faster and easier you and your specialist users are provided with information, the better they can respond to market requirements and the more effective and efficient they become in their day-to-day work. Cubeware Cockpit ensures that you are kept fully abreast about their area of business at all times and creates space and time to look beyond the horizon. Speed up information assimilation with meaningful layout and graphics components.
Explore our layouting & graphics components
  • Different combinations, layouts & formats for tables and graphics
  • ​Vertical & horizontal bar charts, line & area diagrams, radar charts, doughnut & funnel diagrams, gauge charts, bubble graphs & waterfall diagrams
  • ​Different font types & sizes, colours & colour palettes
  • ​Interactive map support
  • ​Element- or value-dependent formatting
  • ​Cell bars and colour gradient traffic lights to display value ratios & value thresholds
  • ​Gain access to dashboards specifically customised for your specialist areas for a fast and concise overview of your key indicators
  • ​Access in-depth information in upstream systems directly from the analyses, reports and dashboards – thanks to seamless connectivity without annoying fragmented applications
  • ​Analytical formatting and intelligent alerts always make you aware of important or decision-critical information
  • ​Share your findings quickly and easily with your team members – perfectly assisted by discussion and collaboration options as well as workflow elements


The self-service functions of Cubeware Cockpit give you and your employees the possibility of drilling down even more deeply into existing facts, questioning procedures, optimising processes and gaining new insights. This allows you to create valuable information for the entire company as well generate the basis for the work of different specialist departments. Cockpit provides business analysts with a wide variety of intuitive possibilities for standard and ad hoc analyses to enable new findings to find their way into decision-making processes.
Your benefits with standard & ad hoc analyses
  • Interact with all data from your various source systems without any need for programming
  • ​Use a wide range of analytical methods to view things from different perspectives
  • ​Increase the level of detail in standard reports
  • ​Create new ad hoc analysis
  • ​Perform requirements, variance and benchmark analysis
  • ​Share your findings with the members of your team
Just some of the extensive features
  • Drill-through
  • ​Drill-down
  • ​Drill-across
  • ​Roll-up
  • ​Slice & dice
  • ​Fast selection
  • ​Ranking
  • ​Analytical formatting
  • ​Sorting
  • ​Ad hoc calculation
  • ​ABC analysis
  • ​Top-ten and top-value rankings
  • ​Business diagrams
  • ​Waterfall diagrams
  • ​Global dimensions
  • ​Background aggregation
  • ​Multi-selection dimension filters
  • ​Geo-analysis


Take an active role in shaping your company’s success. Cubeware Cockpit supports those involved with planning effectively in both strategic and operational business planning. Beginning with unit sales and revenue forecasting, through cost planning to income statement integration as well as balance sheet and financial planning. With Cockpit you can automate your planning process, reduce complexity and significantly increase the quality of your planning results. Create your timetable for success.
Your benefits with our planning capabilities at a glance
  • Access all the relevant information
  • ​Perform simulation scenarios
  • ​Define your planning workflows & collaborate across your entire company
  • ​Gather benchmarks
  • ​Model different planning scenarios as well as top-down, bottom-up and mixed planning processes
  • ​Capture planning data simply and reliably in a team
  • ​Benefit from the automated distribution of planning values via splashing mechanisms
  • ​Maintain an overview over planning status at all times through the use of integrated workflow components
  • ​Distribute planning data over time and evaluate them with actual data in the form of target-actual, time series and forecasting analysis as well as what-if scenarios – thanks to central, structured data storage
  • ​Save intermediate results and different planning variants simply and easily


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